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Must Have Products for Growing a Beard

Alpha Beard Growth Vitamins This 10,000mcg supplement of Biotin 10,000 is a #1 Best Seller in Vitamin B5 Supplements on Amazon. According to a Verified Purchaser, who have a 5 star review, Alpha Beard Vitamins are “A Product That Actually Works.”Beard Growing Kit This beard growing kit is stocked with oil blends for beard growth, a beard roller, and conditioning balm. Great for those who have trouble filling in a beard - “I’ve never had my beard connect nor have I ever had the hair on my checks after two weeks there’s a noticeable difference in hair growth in my cheek area.”Honest...

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Movember Meaning: What Does Movember Stand For?

Movember Meaning Movember is a combination of the words mustache (which can also be spelled moustache) and November. Movember Charity The Movember Foundation is a men's health charity focused on preventing male deaths. The Movember Foundation focuses on three top ailments causing premature death among men, which are mental health and suicide, prostate cancer and testicular cancer.

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Beardazzle Your Beard Like a Viking

Vikings are known for their beards. If you want to pull of the Norse motif, here are some style tips and accessories to consider.

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How to Style a Long Beard

Beard Beads   Beard bands

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What is Beardazzling?

If you have a beard, you should be beardazzling. Beardazzling is adding elements of flare like decorative beads to your beard.

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